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Tuesday, January 25, 2005



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The top 200 bidders for BeeDees' camisole and shorts will get to meet Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah.

Get entry forms from Triumph counters at department stores, including Robinsons, Tangs, John Little, Isetan and Takashimaya,
Till Feb 4: 11am - 9.30pm (bids will be accepted from now),
Tel: 6258-0011 or log on to

Be among the top 200 bidders and you will receive a set of camisole and shorts from BeeDees' latest collection autographed by either Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah or runner-up Sylvester Sim. Bids start from $100 and all proceeds will go to the Singapore Red Cross for tsunami victims. The 200 top bidders will also meet Taufik and Sim on Valentine's Day at a secret location.

Source: Life!Events The Straits Times newspaper Monday, January 24, 2005 Pg 8

I love TAUFIK Batisah. 1/25/2005 02:13:00 AM


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